SPOON UNIVERSITY: The 17 Best Chicago Coffee Shops to Do Work In

The 17 Best Chicago Coffee Shops to Do Work In

Everyone knows coffee fuels productivity.

While Seattle is usually seen as the coffee hub of the country, Chicago's coffee scene is on the rise! Whether its roasting their own fair-trade beans or creating a community atmosphere for people to come together, every Chicago coffeeshop is on a mission to get Chicago coffee on the map. Fragrant espresso, rich pour-overs, and scrumptious bites await you at these 17 Chicago coffee stops.

15. Passion House Coffee Roasters

Chicago Location: Kedzie Avenue in Logan Square

Passion House was started in 2011 by lifelong coffee professional Joshua Millman. This small-batch specialty coffee roaster prides itself in developing passionate relationships with the farms that source their beans. Their sourcer and roaster, Michael Kearby, helps to build these bonds with the farms and importers from all over the world. With a beautiful mural on the side of the building and a spacious, light interior, Passion House screams productivity.

Elizabeth Bowers